Video series: The Seattle Times (2024)

We are steadfast in our commitment to our subscribers, who count on us for thought-provoking information they can trust; to the public, which has the right to know; to justice, which is served by fearless investigation and accountability; to our community, which deserves to see itself reflected in local news; to our mission of public service; to our legacy of 123 years of independent, family-owned, local journalism; to our democracy and the principles on which our country is based; to ourselves, to continue to push the envelope on innovation, use our resources well and invest in our future; to the future of a free press in Seattle and Washington state.

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Making a Difference

One Story At a Time

"We enlighten. We inform. This is storytelling that engages the community."

Frank A. Blethen, publisher

The Seattle Times is a cornerstone of the local free press in action – principled, quality public‑service journalism and news that creates change, for a city that’s always changing. We’re innovating alongside our region, evolving our content, our platforms, our delivery and our business model to build the future of a free press in Washington and beyond.

Local news plays an important role in our community.

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One Story Can

Unite a Community

"I want people who are reading our paper, looking at our site and reading our newsletters to come away with a bit of awe at what they’ve just learned, felt, experienced or come to understand."

Michele Matassa Flores, executive editor

The Seattle Times tells the uniquely local stories you won’t find anywhere else. We followed Orca J35 Tahlequah’s unprecedented 17 days of mourning as she carried her dead calf more than 1,000 miles. We broke national and international stories about the manufacturing and safety approval processes in the wake of two deadly crashes of the Boeing 737 MAX. We immersed ourselves in rural Pacific country to share the firsthand impact of immigration policies as 28 people in a small community disappeared.

The Seattle Times remains true to our deep local roots and steadfast in our dedication to principled, quality journalism that has a direct impact on our community.

Local news inspires change.

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One Story Can

Drive Change

"We put so much time into our investigative stories, and so much effort into getting it right, and all of that is with an eye toward inspiring change. It’s how we can best serve our readers and the people of our region."

Ray Rivera, managing editor

Seattle Times investigative journalism exposes injustice, fights corruption and rights wrongs. Our stories have changed lives and public policy and resulted in action at the highest levels of government.

We revealed the decades of warning signs preceding the Oso landslide, resulting in a bill requiring Washington state to share mapping of geologic hazards that threaten its citizens. We exposed Washington state’s financially motivated routine prescription of a deadly painkiller that saved money, but cost lives. Following our coverage, the state changed its policy to use methadone only as a last resort. The Seattle Times’ rigorously reported investigative journalism digs deep to engage the public, call for accountability and explore solutions to make a difference.

Local news holds power accountable.

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One Voice Can

Change Your Mind

"Solutions journalism reporting is the perfect example of what journalism can do to drive the community forward."

Kati Erwert, senior vice president, product, marketing and public service

Seattle Times impact journalism initiatives tackle urgent community issues head-on. Community-funded, public-service journalism goes beyond reporting to explore viable solutions to issues impacting our local community.

Education Lab engages the public and explores solutions to public education challenges. Lawmakers credit our stories for helping to finally pass school discipline reform.

Traffic Lab digs into our region’s pervasive traffic problems and spotlights promising approaches to easing gridlock, from the launch of bike and ride share programs to massive infrastructure projects and government accountability on funding them.

Project Homeless reports from homeless encampments, unearths personal stories, calls for accountability and explores what is — and isn’t — working to address the systemic issues causing homelessness in our region. Seattle Times impact journalism initiatives amplify voices that would not otherwise be heard, to find solutions for all.

Local news helps find solutions.

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One Mission

123 Years of Local Journalism

"News should really reflect who we are here as a community. It should tell the story of the Puget Sound region, the state and the Northwest."

Ryan Blethen, reporter and associate publisher

Local, independent news free of media conglomerate scripts is a rarity these days. The Seattle Times is proud to be one of the few remaining independent and locally owned metropolitan news media organizations in the U.S. We are also emerging as a pioneer among news organizations for groundbreaking new funding models to secure the future of the free press in Washington.

The Seattle Times is the most-visited digital information source in Washington state. We remain deeply rooted in the community with a steadfast commitment to our mission: to provide principled, quality, public-service journalism to the Northwest and beyond.

Local news makes a difference.

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One Focus

Serving Our Readers

"The subscribers are our heart and our soul. That’s what drives the engine, our readers."

Alan Fisco, president and CFO

Readers expect a lot from a credible news source. They want vetted, trustworthy content based on real facts. They want to know what’s happening in real time, with updates at their fingertips. They want fast-loading pages and stories that reflect what’s important to them right where they live.

The Seattle Times is constantly innovating to serve our subscribers better. Our transformation is ongoing, but we take user feedback to heart and make decisions based on reader input to improve the experience of our newsletters, apps, and the print newspaper. We’ve upgraded our systems to make it easier to manage your subscription, and we’re quicker at responding to your questions. The most important part of the story is you.

If you have suggestions about how we can improve your experience, email us at

Reader support of local news matters.

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Video series: The Seattle Times (2024)


Who is the target audience for the Seattle Times? ›


Known for in-depth local coverage and award-winning journalism, The Seattle Times attracts deeply engaged community members with a higher-than-average income.

How much is a Seattle Times subscription? ›

Unlimited Digital Access on your desktop, smartphone, tablet. Plus, the Seattle Times Print Replica, an exact digital copy of the print newspaper. (then $3.99/week after trial period. After 26 weeks your rate will increase to $4.99/week.

How many people read Seattle Times? ›


Winner of 11 Pulitzer Prizes, The Seattle Times reaches about 566,900 readers daily and more than 717,700 on Sundays with compelling, original, local content.

Who owns the Seattle Times? ›

Who is the homeless reporter for The Seattle Times? ›

Greg Kim: 206-464-2532 or; Greg Kim is a reporter covering homelessness for The Seattle Times.

What is the goal of The Seattle Times? ›

Seattle Times investigative journalism exposes injustice, fights corruption and rights wrongs. Our stories have changed lives and public policy and resulted in action at the highest levels of government.

What kind of newspaper is The Seattle Times? ›

The Seattle Times | Local news, sports, business, politics, entertainment, travel, restaurants and opinion for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Is The Seattle Times app free? ›

Users can read up to 15 articles free per month. Seattle Times subscribers can log in for unlimited access to all of our award-winning content. Users can also subscribe to get Unlimited App Access straight from the app for $9.99 per month.

Does The Seattle Times have a digital only subscription? ›

A digital account gives you unlimited access to all Seattle Times digital products. This allows you to read unlimited articles on, and gives you access to Print Replica, an exact digital copy of the printed paper to read, download or print as a PDF.

How many Pulitzer prizes has The Seattle Times won? ›

The Seattle Times is the winner of 11 Pulitzer Prizes, journalism's highest honor, and has been a finalist on 14 other occasions since 1982.

How many employees does The Seattle Times have? ›

The Seattle Times Company Information

The Seattle Times was founded in 1896 and its current CEO is Frank Blethen. Since its inception 128 years ago, The Seattle Times has grown to 700 employees.

What is the largest newspaper in Washington state? ›

*Data as of July 2022.
  1. Seattle Times. ...
  2. The Columbian. ...
  3. Spokane Spokesman-Review. ...
  4. The Daily Herald. ...
  5. Tri-City Herald. ...
  6. Yakima Herald-Republic. ...
  7. The Olympian. ...
  8. The News Tribune.

What family owns The Seattle Times? ›

The Seattle Times is a daily newspaper serving Seattle, Washington, United States and its suburbs. Founded in 1891, it has been owned by the Blethen family since 1896. The Seattle Times has the largest circulation of any newspaper in the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region.

Who is the Blethen family? ›

After his death in Seattle, the newspaper stayed in the family: Alden J. Blethen (1896–1915); Clarance Brettun Blethen (1915–1941); William Kingsley Blethen (1949–1967); John Alden "Jack" Blethen (1967–1982); Frank A. Blethen (1945–present).

What is the largest newspaper in Seattle? ›

Seattle's major daily newspaper is The Seattle Times. The local Blethen family owns 50.5% of the Times, the other 49.5% being owned by the McClatchy Company.

Who are the main target audience? ›

Your target audience refers to the specific group of consumers most likely to want your product or service, and therefore, the group of people who should see your ad campaigns. Target audience may be dictated by age, gender, income, location, interests or a myriad of other factors.

Who is most likely the intended target audience? ›

These are generally the people who are most likely to purchase your products. The intended audience can be part of a broad demographic, such as children, or it can be more specific, such as children aged 11-14 who will attend middle school this year.

Who are the target audience participants? ›

The target audience is the demographic cut of a specific group. It is defined by elements such as age range, gender, geographical location, educational level, purchasing power, social class, and consumption habits in the target market.

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