Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (2024)

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The debut season of House of the Dragon was an exhilarating “dragon” ride, set approximately 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. The ten-episode-long series is the beginning of a war of succession between the Targaryens. Here is a recap of all that has happened in this season.

Quick summary: House Targaryen is in all its glory, King Jaehaerys I announced Prince Viserys as the next heir to the Iron Throne. House Targaryen is invincible, consisting of an army of like a dozen of formidable dragons. King Viserys chooses his daughter Rhaenyra as the next heir, breaking all the norms and traditions. This unforeseen move leads to a major conflict in the story. The consequences of this introduce us to a plethora of characters in a riveting battle of wits and force.

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Episode 1: The Heirs of the Dragon

Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (1)

Credits: HBO

King Jaehaerys I faces the dilemma of the next in line of succession. Upon deliberation with the Great Council, Viserys is chosen over Rhaenys even though she is the rightful heir. The story fast-forwards to nine years and King Viserys is expecting a son with his wife Aemma Arryn. Meanwhile, Daemon executes the criminals of King’s Landing as he assumes the role of head of the City Watch.

Viserys organizes a tournament to celebrate the child, a competition between Ser Cristan and Daemon. Eventually, upon birth, Aemma and the son, Baelon, both die. As a result, Viserys faces a lot of mockery and announces his daughter Rhaenyra as the next heir to the Iron Throne.

Episode 2: The Rogue Prince

Daemon has taken over the castle of Dragonstone and acts as a self-proclaimed king. Rhaenrya learns that his uncle Daemon has also stolen a dragon egg. Along with her dragon, Syrax, Rhaenyra lands in Dragonstone with a small army. Daemon retracts his claims and statements and gives up the dragon egg.

At Stepstones, on the other hand, the fear of Crabfeeder, leader of Triarchy is heightening and is brought to notice at King’s Landing. Rhaenyra appoints Ser Cristan Cole as the new Kingsguard, the only one with actual battle experience.

Meanwhile, Viserys is suggested to marry again to carry forward the lineage, Otto Hightower and Lord Corlys offer their daughters. However, Viserys chooses Alicent, the daughter of Otto Hightower.

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Episode 3: Second of His Name

Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (3)

Credits: HBO

Lord Corlys and Daemon have been fighting the Crabfeeder and his army for the past three years. Aegon, the child of Viserys and Alicent, is approaching his second birthday, and a fantastic hunt is organized which annoys Rhaenyra. She is asked to find a suitable partner for her marriage. Prince Aegon, his two-year-old half-brother is also suggested amongst many others including Laenor Valeryon, son of Lord Corlys.

Otto Hightower is keen to make Aegon, his grandson, the heir to the Iron Throne. The situation of Triachy at Stepstones worsens, and King Viserys sends reinforcements upon Ser Vaemond Velaryon’s request. However, Daemon seizes this as an opportunity to prove himself, ending up winning the battle on his own before the King’s army arrives.

Episode 4: King of the Narrow Sea

Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (4)

Credits: HBO

Daemon is now called “King of the Narrow Sea” as he has captured Stepstones from Trairchy. Though, Daemon hands over his crown to Viserys and now there’s no bad blood between the brothers. Post celebration, Rhaenyra, and Daemon wander around the city and end up visiting a brothel. The intimacy between the two increases.

Rhaenyra seduces Ser Criston upon arrival at Red Keep. Otto gets to know about her and Daemon and informs King Viserys about their affair. Viserys confronts Daemon but he’s not in a good state and proposes marriage to Rhaenrya, angering Viserys. He banishes him to the Vale. Otto is removed as the Hand of the King and Viserys orders Rhaenyra to marry Laenor Valeryon.

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Episode 5: We Light the Way

Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (5)

Credits: HBO

In the Vale, Daemon kills her wife, Lady Rhea Royce, as she criticizes him. Alicent argues with her father and defends Rhaenyra. Ser Otto predicts Rhaenyra will bring great harm to Alicent and her children. Laenor’s hom*osexuality doesn’t act as a hindrance to Rhaenyra, as this marriage is just a deal for her. On the other hand, Rhaenyra doesn’t agree with Ser Criston’s plan for their future, leaving him disappointed.

On the wedding day of Laenor and Rhaenyra, Alicent shows up in a green gown, signifying House Hightowers’ call to war. A major fight breaks out between Ser Criston and Laenor’s secret boyfriend, resulting in the death of Ser Joffery, Laenor’s lover.

A typical Game of Thrones wedding!

Episode 6: The Princess and The Queen

Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (6)

Credits: HBO

A time jump of ten years and Rhaenyra has three sons: Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey. The kids resemble more to new commander of the City Watch, Harwin Strong than Laenor. Viserys’s health is worsening and a new bunch of Targaryen kids is learning the ways of combat under Ser Criston.

During the training, Ser Criston and Harwin Strong engage in an argument resulting in some fist fight. To settle family disputes, Rhaenyra offers to marry her son, Jacaerys, to Alicent’s daughter but she turns down the offer believing he is a bastard.

Harwin leaves and is escorted to Harrenhal castle by his father, Lyonel Strong, the Hand of the King. Larys, the younger son of Lyonel, sets the castle on fire upon Alicent’s request. Meanwhile, Daemon and his new wife Laena Velaryon fail to deliver a child, and Laena incinerates herself with her dragon, Vhagar.

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Episode 7: Driftmark

Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (7)

Credits: HBO

At the funeral of Laena, the whole Targaryen family reunites. Daemon and Rhaenyra grieve the losses and get physically intimate. Aemond Targaryen, the second son of Alicent, is without a dragon. After her aunt’s death, Vhagar is free and he claims it first. A fight between the cousin kids begins and Lucerys slashes Aemond with a knife, resulting in losing one eye.

Rhaenyra proposes marriage to Daemon as no one would question their rule but Laenor is still her husband. Daemon instigates a fight between Laenor and Ser Qarl, his boyfriend, and fakes the death of Laenor as both of them escape on the boat towards the end. Rhaenyra and Daemon marry each other in the old Valyrian Dragonlord tradition.

Episode 8: The Lord of the Tides

Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (8)

Credits: HBO

Six years later, Rhaenyra and Daemon live happily in Dragonstone. Vaemond informs that his elder brother Lord Corlys is seriously injured at the Stepstones. Rhaenyra visits King’s Landing where Viserys is barely alive, Alicent and Otto Hightower overlook the daily affairs.

At the court, Vaemond accuses Lucerys of an illegitimate child but Viserys announces him as the heir to Driftmark. Vaemond hurls abuses and that’s when Daemon cuts his head off. Rhaenyra suggests a double betrothal between the Valeryons and Targayrens, however, later during the family feast, Aemond sets things off as he slyly calls the three sons of Rhaenyra, bastards!

Viserys dies and his last words to Alicent about ‘Aegon The Conqueror‘ are misconstrued by her thinking it is, Aegon II.

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Episode 9: The Green Council

Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (9)

Credits: HBO

Otto and Alicent at the small council meeting persuade the lords for her son to sit on the Iron Throne, except Lord Beesbury who opposes this arrangement and gets killed. Aegon II is a douchebag who sexually assaults castle servants and watches underground children fights.

The lords surrender to Otto and Alicent except for Rhaenys Targaryen. They hold her hostage but is freed by Ser Erryk, one of the Kingsguards. The people of King’s Landing gather for Aegon II’s coronation wherein Rhaenys breakingly enters the Grand Hall on her dragon, Melyes, threatening the lords, and flees away.

Episode 10: The Black Queen

Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (10)

Credits: HBO

Rhaenys arrives at Dragonstone and informs pregnant Rhaenyra about her father’s death and Prince Aegon’s coronation, as a result, she panics and delivers the child prematurely. Ser Erryk smuggled her father’s crown and Rhaenyra finally gets a small coronation ceremony at Dragonstone, making her the queen officially.

Otto Hightower arrives before them with the conditions of Aegon and that they surrender to him to avoid the bloodbath. Rhaenyra reconsiders and then comes Lord Corlys Velaryon, pledges to fight by her side. Jacaerys and Lucerys are sent on dragons as envoys to other houses. Lucerys goes to Storm’s end, the seat of House Baratheon, where Aemond is seen with Vhagar and sides with Team Green!

Aemond and Lucerys get into a massive dragon fight, which doesn’t end up good for both of them as Vhagar literally ate Arrax, Lucerys’s dragon, along with him. Aemond is petrified as he knows he has messed up big time. Rhaenyra is enraged upon hearing this news. THE END.

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So, this season of House of the Dragon had an extensive premise, and even more promising next season; full of ego-clashes, dragon battles, and an insane power trip. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming season!

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Recap of all the episodes of House of the Dragon: Season 1 (2024)
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