[Dead By Daylight] Lara Croft vs Vecna - Page 4 (2024)

So... the new killer. Not quite the Terminator I hoped for.

[Dead By Daylight] Lara Croft vs Vecna - Page 4 (1)

Is... Is that a bedazzled gas mask?

Will edit in or post her power/perks and the survivors' perks when they're revealed.

Killer's Power:

Eyes in the Sky.

She can drop up to four drones. Drones start active, but after a little bit, just do a scanning sweep around them until they detect a survivor, at which point they become active again (the scan is like a spinning circle from stealth games). She can also reactivate them manually from any distance. Survivors can interact with drones to completely disable them. If detected for too long, survivors become temporarily exposed (30 sec looks like?). Disabling a drone OR getting exposed by it gives the survivor a claw trap. Claw traps drain battery over time (looks like 45 seconds?), and can then be removed. A bunch of her add-ons affect these further. Being detected by a drone refills the battery.

Killer is undetectable while near a drone that's detecting a survivor, and can use her power to detect (it's a radar in her hand, not aura read) on all survivors detected by drones, or with a claw trap. The area is a big orange highlight, so it's easy to see. It also doesn't take too long to expose, but otherwise, it's basically the pink glyphs. Also shown in the HUD when someone's detected/exposed.

Seems quite weak. I don't hate the kit. Stealth, info, and passive disruption/slowdown, but she's an M1 killer for area control, which means... yet more f*cking camping bullsh*t. Removing the trap/disabling drones is a new kind of mini-game. Just 5 press the directional buttons thing.

Killer perks:

Game Afoot: Gain temporary haste when kicking something while chasing the Obsession. M1ing a survivor with the most time chased turns them into the obsession.

TWHACK: After hooking a survivor, kicking a wall/pallet makes nearby survivors scream.

Leverage: After hooking a survivor, all survivors temporarily heal slower. Increases penalty with number of hooks.

I despite Game Afoot and Thwack. The first is basically "Want to tunnel? Here! This helps and makes it impossible to escape!" Like, this is the reason Dying Light was reworked from its original, because it was just "tunnel the obsession immediately."

THWACK is also yet another f*cking camping perk.

Leverage seems pretty weak though. It doesn't really get scary until late in the trial, and is basically just Mangled, but worse.

First survivor perks

Cut Loose: After performing a quick vault, vaults become silent for a few seconds. Each quick vault in this span resets the timer. 45 sec CD once expires.

Friendly Competition: After finishing a gen with other survivors, both gain 5% repair speed boost for 75 seconds. Doesn't stack.

Power of Two: After finishing healing a survivor, gain 5% haste while near each other. 2 minute CD.

All are awful. Cut Loose is basically just for going back and forth in windows, and nothing else. FC has some slight value against face campers, but I'm pretty sure Prove Thyself is just outright better. Power of Two is just a slightly reworked Blood Pact, and I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen that.

Second survivor perks

Background Player: 2x duration Sprint Burst when unhooking a survivor.

Blood Rush: When on death hook and Healthy, press E to become injured, broken, and reset Exhaustion. Can only be used once.

Collective Stealth: When healed, you and the healer don't leave scratch marks while near each other.

All of these are just f*cking terrible. Christ. I see close to no legitimate use for any of them. Blood Rush especially. What even is the use case here? When you're against an insta-down killer but also using Lithe/SB? And that's it?

Ooooh. Blood Rush auto heals you if you last out the Broken status, which is only like 30 seconds. Okay, it's not bad, but it's not really good either. Basically a one-time extra SB, Lithe, Smash Hit, or Head On, since those are literally the only perks it works with, and two of those are jokes.

Killer seems kind of fun to play to be honest, and not awful to go against... assuming you're not just using her power to camp at least. She has basically zero slowdown setting up drones, and they don't completely f*ck over chase like Knight does. Her add-ons are almost all quite disgustingly powerful though.

[Dead By Daylight] Lara Croft vs Vecna - Page 4 (2024)
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