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Thought I had better update the forum now that we have had the Yaris just over 3 months.

Just to recap ordered it in late September for delivery 1st March. The Yaris price was frozen so no increase to worry about and they also said that should the PCP offer change we could choose to keep the one we had signed or if the revised one was better move to that, all confirmed in an E-Mail.

Mid February dealer rang to say car now with them so all that was needed was to value the PX and arrange a convenient date early March. I said we needed to look at the PCP since the current offer was better than the one we had signed (original was £300 contribution and 4.9% - new one was £1000 contribution and 4.9%). Salesman said he would get back to us and when he did he said that since we had been waiting 5 months that did not apply. I pointed out to him that it was not our fault we had been waiting and that no time limit was quoted on the e-mail.

This went on for about 2 weeks and I lost the will to live. I gave them a deadline to sort it before I cancelled. Started looking for alternative offers and found some but all would cost more since the slightly revised model was more expensive, they now wanted over £300 for a spare wheel and there would be a minimum 3 month wait. On the day I had decided as the deadline the sales manager rang to say all was well and apologised for the misunderstanding. He said that the salesman would ring me back and sort PX and date.

Waited again and eventually salesman rang. Gave him details of the Fabia and he seemed pretty uninterested but offered a decent price. Asked for it in an e-mail which of course never arrived. Rang sales manager who could not understand how he could give me a price over the phone instantly. Their policy is to offer PX’s that are non Toyota to other dealers in their group which can take a couple of days, no record of ours being in the system. Sales manager did ring back with a better offer (better than WBAC etc) which we accepted. Later that day salesman rang to sort a date the following week.

So from being called to be told the car was there to collecting only took about 4 ½ weeks and proved yet again all salesmen are liars.

Went to collect car and all OK. Loads of forms to sign as usual but no handover explanation of controls, that is available on-line.

So how is the car. Have to say its very good. The ride is better than the Fabia (55 instead of 45 profile tyres take the credit I suppose) and the performance is better than I seem to remember from the test drive. This 4th gen E-CVT is without doubt the best I have ever driven with loads of acceleration with little flaring of revs. In truth not needed to floor it yet even in in the hills of Derbyshire and Yorkshire. Its probably more refined than the Fabia which was itself great for a small car.

What don’t we like. Well just a few annoyances. Seems that you cannot set the auto hold and radar distance to memory like the Superb, you have to do it every time you start the car. Same for a feature new to us, lane assist, we have to turn it off every time since the bonging and vibrating of the steering wheel is annoying, I can see the white lines fine, don’t need any assist.

As for mpg its better than we expected. The figures on the dash have been suspiciously high yet at the last fill up our calculated of 71.99 mpg was only 1.5 mpg less that the dash display of 73.5 mpg. We went to Whitby last Thursday, 250 mile round trip and Mr Casio suggests it did about 85 mpg on the day. Considering that probably over 50% of that is on 70 mph Motorways and A roads it seems to prove that the previous generation Toyota Hybrid issue (which were are great in urban use but no better than ICE on long trips) has been sorted, this is great in all uses. Best we had in the Fabia on a Whitby trip was just over 60 mpg.

So all good so far.

Worthy of note the the HJ Real MPG figures. Went on to post my results so far and saw that the overall average was a disappointing 56.3 mpg with a range of 29 to 81 mpg. When I looked below some fool has included figures for the Yaris GRNM in the Yaris Hybrid section. Surely that car should have a section of its own, its a very different car bought by a different cliental.

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3 months with Yaris | Motoring discussion | Back Room Forum (2024)
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